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Print is not dead

So this is something that I have been looking forward to presenting for quite some time now…

I love printed media and especially albums and printed photos. This takes photography to a next level and it make the images even more alive. Many of my customers ask me if I can set them up with the right album-designer and now I can.

My wife Sarah, who also has a thing for scrapbooks and printed stuff decided to create the perfect personalized…

New York City

This year I went to more than 40 weddings, documenting so much love, happiness and pure joy!

I love it and I am super thrilled to get to call this my job.

My wife Sarah and I decided to end a good season by visiting NYC for the first time. We went without our two daughters, to just relax and get overwhelmed by this amazing and crazy city.

We lived in Brooklyn very closed to the subway Bedford Avenue. The coolest guy…